Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you prove this site is legitimate?
A: Draw For A Cause is organized by a group of high schoolers who want to help make the world a better place. All proof that at least 80% of profit goes to charity is shown on the Receipts Page. You can click on the founder’s portraits to find their medias across different sites.

Q: What causes can commissioners donate to?
A: Each individual artist has a list of causes they focus on drawing towards. You can find that information by reading their bio or caption on the Commission Page. Every month, there is a Cause of the Month that all artists primarily focus on donating for. Commissioners have a choice to select one of the causes listed in an artist’s bio, or the Cause of the Month.

Q: Do I have to have Discord to commission an artist or become one?
A: Yes, commissioning works through our Discord Server. If you don’t already have Discord account, creating an account takes less than a minute. You do not need a registered email address.

Q: What are the requirements to becoming an artist?
A: You need to be at least 13 years old and have experience with digital art to become an artist for Draw for a Cause. Artists must have a Discord account and preferably a public Instagram account for posting artwork.

Q: For those of us who applied to DFAC and were rejected, is there any way that we can improve/modify our art styles?
A: We are looking for artists with skillful, distinct, and well-developed styles. It is primarily up to the artist to work on development. We cannot specify what we want in terms of art style because we are welcome to all kinds of styles.

Q: Who is the pink-haired girl on the front cover of the page?
A: Her name is Sumie! She is Draw for a Cause’s mascot.