Meet The Artist



Causes: Defenders of Wildlife, Ocean Blue Project, Love is Respect, Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Malala Fund

Tea is high schooler that wants to go into literary work. She enjoys reading and writing, and, of course, drawing. She loves to sleep, but can never seem to do so; consequently, a good portion of her time is spent studying random facts on the internet and indulging in her hobbies.

Some examples of Tea’s work:

Pricing Information:

Chest Up Portraits: $15
Waist-Up: $20
Full-Body: $30*

*+15% of the original price per each humanoid character added. Three animal companions are permitted free before a charge of $3 per animal is added.
All commissions are fully rendered and come with a simple, colored/geometric background. Detailed backgrounds/settings are +50% of the original price. Negotiations can be made for flat color or sketch commissions.

80% of the profits go to whichever cause, 15% goes to the artist, and 5% maintaining the website and organizing events.