Meet The Artist



Causes: RAINN, Bread for the World, BLM, Girls Who Code, Team Trees

SilentSword is an American teen who spends her free time drawing digital anime art, or playing music on her piano. She uses the software Procreate to create her art pieces. Comissions will take around 1-4 days depending on the order.

Some examples of SilentSword’s work:

Pricing Information:

– Fully Shaded Anime Pfp, Icon, or Bust: 8$
– Fully Shaded Anime Half-body: 12$
-Fully shaded, Piece of your choice, Detailed Artwork w/ Complicated Background (designed background is included): 18$

-Fully Shaded Bust, Pfp, or Icon: 3$
-Fully Shaded Full-body: 7$
-Fully shaded, Full Body, Detailed Artwork w/ Complicated Background (designed background included): 12$
-Fully Shaded Emote x2: 1$

-Another Character: Half the price of original artwork added on.
-Designed/Complicated Background instead of flat color: +3.00$

All art pieces are fully shaded unless requested otherwise.
SilentSword does not draw any animals besides humans (mix breeds though, such as mermaids, are fine)

80% of the profits go to whichever cause, 15% goes to the artist, and 5% maintaining the website and organizing events.