Meet The Artist



Causes: RAINN, Bread for the World, BLM, Girls Who Code, Team Trees

SilentSword is an American highschooler who enjoys drawing or playing the viola/piano. She is focused on creating the best quality art that she can, therefore commissions can take up to two weeks. Her art style can be described as anime, and she uses the software Procreate to create her art. She has been drawing since October of 2020.

She is able to draw human species, as well as mixed species that have the anatomy of a human being (Mermaids, centaurs, elves, etc). She takes delight in drawing fantasy scenes. She greatly prefers drawing females, but is also able to draw males. She will not draw furries, heavy gore, mechs, or anything else that would possibly make her uncomfortable. She has the right to refuse a commission. All art pieces come fully shaded, and she can switch the shading style (and style of the art) depending on the buyer’s preference.

Some examples of SilentSword’s work:

Pricing Information:

Icon/Pfp: $5
Fullbody: $12
Scene: $25

Chibi Emotes:
– Pack of 5 for $5
– Pack of 10 for $8
– Pack of 12 for $10

(Chibi) Fullbody: $8
 (Chibi) Scene: $12

Another character (May add multiple characters):
– Fullbody is $6
  – Halfbody is $4
– Chibi is $2

 Other: Price will be determined depending on request. (Character sheet, ref, custom design, animation, etc.)

80% of the profits go to whichever cause, 15% goes to the artist, and 5% maintaining the website and organizing events.