Meet The Artist



Causes:, WWF, RAINN, Stop Asian Hate, BLM, Malala Fund, The Trevor Project

Mengdevi (Leo) is a comic artist and animator based in Vancouver. They are interested in changing the way art is perceived by society. In their free time, Leo enjoys creating cool licks for their saxophone solos. Currently Leo is working on adapting their collection for public consumption.

Some examples of Mengdevi’s work:

Pricing Information:

BASE PRICES: (prices will vary depending on piece variables)
Chibi – $16
Bust – $25
Thigh-up – $??
Full body – $40
Character design $35 (will vary depending on references)
Comic skit $60 (panels and context will affect price)
Mock magazine cover – $55
Mock advertisement – $35
Animated icon – $30

Note: All commissions will include concept art

Anything else that is not listed here can be discussed!

80% of the profits go to whichever cause, 15% goes to the artist, and 5% maintaining the website and organizing events.