Meet The Artist



Causes: RAINN, Bread for the World, The Polaris Project

Lemon is a homeschooled sophomore that spends most her time drawing, playing the piano, or writing. She’s constantly trying to improve her artwork and refine her skills to make the best art she can. She prefers quality over quantity, so commissions may take around 7 – 9 days to avoid rushed pieces.

Some examples of Lemon’s work:

Pricing Information:

Chibi full body: $7
Bust shot: $10
Half-body: $12
Full body: $15

Simple shading: $5
Full Shading: $10

Simple background – $3
Moderate background: $6
Detailed background: $10

Fully shaded, detailed artwork w/ complicated background: 15$
Designed background: +$2
Extra character: +$4

80% of the profits go to whichever cause, 15% goes to the artist, and 5% maintaining the website and organizing events.