Meet The Artist



Causes: Innovations for Poverty Action, Against Malaria Foundation, Silver Ribbon Singapore

Having been into drawing since he was a kindergartener, Chirple is an artist who loves incorporating quirky aesthetics and multi-layered meaning in his art. He also loves playing rhythm/strategy games & ultimate frisbee.

Some examples of Chirple’s work:

Pricing Information:

Lines Only:
Headshot – $10
Chest-Up – $15
Full body – $20

Flat Shading:
Headshot – $17
Chest-Up – $22
Full body – $30

Fully Detailed Shading:
Headshot – $20
Chest-Up – $30
Full body – $40

+background – $10 as starting price, depends on details, discuss with artist

80% of the profits go to whichever cause, 15% goes to the artist, and 5% maintaining the website and organizing events.