Draw For A Cause

Young artists drawing for a cause they care about

What is Draw For A Cause?

Thanks for checking us out! We’re a volunteer organization made of young artists who want to make a change, one drawing at a time. This organization is managed by a group of high schoolers.

On Draw For A Cause, you can commission (buy custom art from) a variety of digital artists. 80% of every commission goes towards a charitable cause, while another 15% goes towards supporting the works of up-and-coming artists. The rest of the 5% goes towards maintaining this site and organizing events!

This organization is to help charities and causes as well as young, budding artists. Click here if you are interested in commissioning an artist, and click here if you are interested in becoming an artist.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, contact us at youngartistsdrawingforacause@gmail.com.

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